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ClickIPO enables everyday individual investors to easily discover and invest in public offerings. Investors can use ClickIPO to invest in companies at the Initial Public Offering price (with no additional fees or commissions), before the shares trade on a stock exchange.


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ClickIPO was designed for ease-of-use. We provide you with information on upcoming IPOs including company description, price, expected date, and more. Plus, our Biz Insights tab enables you to access enhanced company profiles and simplified financial data (at no charge) to help you make a decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For a complete list, visit FAQs, Glossary, Investor Score, and How-to pages

How do we get IPOs?

IPO Issuers and Underwriters covet retail investors who won’t flip, or immediately sell, their IPO shares. Investors that buy and hold shares have a positive impact on price performance, making the IPO more likely to succeed. ClickIPO intends to provide this type of investor by using the ClickIPO Investor Score(™). The scoring system rates investors based on several factors with their buy and hold behavior being the most important factor. Investors that hold shares 30 days or longer will see an increase in their score. Attracting buy and hold investors motivates Issuers and Underwriters to allocate IPO shares through our platform.

How do we make money?

ClickIPO is paid a commission from the Underwriter for allocating offering shares. Investors like you, do not pay any fees.

How to score more IPO access...

Your ClickIPO Investor Score(™) is what we use to determine your allocation. Holding IPO shares for 30 days or more increases your Investor Score, while selling before 30 days lowers it. For Secondary Offerings, holding shares for 15 days or more increases your score. Other activities such as buying shares in the aftermarket and participating in more offerings help to increase your score. In oversubscribed offerings, allocations are limited even with a good investor score, so allocations are not guaranteed.

How much do IPOs cost?

All you pay for is the share price of the IPO. There is a commission built into the share price, but it is paid by the issuer (the company going public), not you, so you do not pay any additional commission.

Are all IPOs available to order?

Not all offerings are available to order. While we do list all offerings, please keep in mind that allocations are never guaranteed. If we expect to receive an allocation from the Underwriter in an offering we will make it available to order on the app, sometimes we may expect an allocation a couple of weeks in advance and sometimes we may expect an allocation only a day before an offering goes effective (especially in popular/oversubscribed offerings). Sometimes we may receive large allocations, sometimes small allocations, or no allocation at all.

How many shares will I receive or be allocated?

You could be allocated the entire dollar amount of your order, part of your order, or none of your order. Your allocation depends on your Investor Score, how much interest/demand there is in a specific offering, and how much of the offering is allocated to ClickIPO.